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Bottle Service

Suite Hourly Rate

Regular Rates:

M ($100/hr) | L ($150/hr) | VIP ($200/hr)

Happy Hour Rates:

(M-Th 6pm-12am): M ($70/hr) | L ($100/hr) | VIP ($150/hr)

Minimum Purchase Requirement

**One (1) Bottle Minimum Purchase Required after 12:00 am [Mon-Thu] and 10:00 pm [Fri, Sat, Sun]

**VIP SUITES Minimum Requirement

[Mon-Thu] before 12:00 am: $1000 minimum; After 12:00 am: $2500-$3000 minimum
[Fri-Sun] before 10:00 pm: $1000 minimum; After 10:00 pm: $3000-$5000 minimum

Contact management for details and pricing

Venetian | Palazzo Hotel Guests Discount

Guests of the Venetian and Palazzo Hotel enjoy a 15% discount.

Venetian | Palazzo Hotel & Casino Employee Discount

Employees of the Venetian and Palazzo Hotel & Casino enjoy a 15% discount.